Accessibility Plan

Objective: Accessibility Plan (including access to the physical environment/curriculum and written information)


All Schools:

  • Staff have discussed awareness of accessibility plan and the broader issues of disability equality (see policy)
  • The schools have clear procedures recorded that will ensure that discrimination by staff is picked up and dealt with
    properly. This includes adequate and accessible internal complaints procedures.
  • The schools include the accessibility plan as part of the Trustee’s responsibility in the Premises Development Plan

Target: To ensure that the school and curriculum is accessible to all pupils, parents and staff


  • To ensure that the buildings are accessible to pupils and staff regardless of disability
  • To ensure that all pupils have equal access to a relevant curriculum
  • To ensure that the disabled parking facilities are always available and not used by the able bodied.
  • To make sure that the parking areas are not used as access to the schools and that parents do not park on the school
  • Taxis/buses pick up and deliver children safely.

Activities including timescale:

  • To ensure that there are always parking spaces reserved for disabled persons near to the main entrances of the school and the SRB. – September 2020 to July 2021
  • Ensure that, should we have pupils or parents with visual impairment, we purchase non-visual guides e.g. tactile door signs – September 2020 to July 2021
  • Give consideration to the need for logical and well signed routes around the schools – On going
  • Ensure that every effort will be made to provide information in simple language, symbols, large print, on audio tape or in Braille for those who have difficulty with standard formats. – When the need arises
  • To ensure that planning and deployment of staff enables all pupils to access the curriculum. – September 2020 to July 2021

Success Criteria:
The school is accessible to all pupils, parents and staff and that they are kept as safe as possible when on school grounds.