Owl Class

Owl class is a mixed age class with Foundation Stage and Year 1. They are taught by Mrs Turk and Mrs Mundford. The children are supported by our Teaching Assistants, Mrs Woodcock and Miss Neave.  All lesson plans are differentiated according to the ability of the children and fun is at the heart of our learning.

Our Reception pupils learn through play both indoors and outdoors and are well equipped to move on to Year 1 where more formalised learning takes place.  Through that learning journey, play and having fun whilst learning remains important to us.  We have a highly structured, personal, social, health and emotional curriculum.  We learn to take care of each other and of our environment.

The spacious indoor environment has a stimulating teaching area for focused whole class teaching, group work and individual learning. There is also a well resourced indoor activity area for planned activities and exploration.

Outside we have an extensive, enclosed learning environment where the children are encouraged to learn and explore using environmental stimulus. We provide the children with outdoor clothing and boots so that they can enjoy the outdoors in all weather. There is also a dedicated space for riding bikes and scooters.

Curriculum Overview

EYFS Overview AUTUMN 1

Owl Class Parent Information Autumn 2021-2022

Year 1 Overview AUTUMN 1


Summer Term 2021

Reception Curriculum Overview – Summer 2

Year 1 Curriculum Overview – Summer 2

Reception Curriculum Overview – Summer 1

Year 1 Curriculum Overview – Summer 1


Home Learning – Spring Term 2021

Week 8

Owl 4th March

Year R 3rd March

Year 1 3rd March

Year R 2nd March

Year 1 2nd March

Year R 1st March

Year 1 1st March

Week 7

Year 1 26th February

Year R 26th February

Year 1 25th February

Year R 25th February

Year R 23rd February

Year 1 23rd February

Year R 22nd February

Year 1 22nd February

Sea Shanties


Week 6

Year R 12th February

Year 1 12th February

Year R 11th February

Year 1 11th February

Year R 10th February

Year 1 10th February

Year R 9th February

Year 1 9th February

Year R 8th February

Cress experiment outcome

Year 1 8th February

Week 5

Year R 5th February

Year 1 5th February

Year R 4th February

Year 1 4th February

Year R 2nd February

Year 1 2nd February

Cress experiment

Year R 1st February


Year 1 1st February

Week 4

Year R 28th January

Year 1 28th January

Year R 27th January

Year 1 27th January

Year R 26th January

Year 1 26th January

Year R 25th January

Year 1 Maths 25th January

Year 1 25th January

Week 3

Year R 22nd January

Year 1 22nd January

Year R 21st January

Year 1 21st January

Year R 20th January

Year 1 20th January

Year R 19th January

Year 1 19th January

Owl Babies Prompt Card

Year R 18th January

Year 1 18th January

Week 2

Year R 15th January

Year 1 15th January

Year R 14th January

Year 1 14th January

Year R 13th January

Year 1 13th January

Year R 12th January

Year 1 12th January

Handwriting Guidance _Owl Class

Year R 11th January

Year 1 11th January

Year 1 Maths 11th January


Week 1

Year 1 8th January

Year 1 maths 8th January

Year R 8th January

Year R 7th January

Year 1 Maths 7th January

Year 1 7th January

Year R 6th January

Year 1 6th January

Year 1 Maths 6th January


Owl Class Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

Spring Term 2021

Owl Class Parent Information 2020-2021 SPRING UPDATE

Reception Curriculum Overview – Spring 1

Year 1 Curriculum Overview – Spring 1



Autumn Term 2020

Reception Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2

Year 1 Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2

Reception Curriculum Overview – Autumn 1

Year 1 Curriculum Overview – Autumn 1.docx

Owl Class Parent Information 2020-2021


Early Years Foundation Stage

To learn more about the Early Years Foundations Stage curriculum, please click on the link below;



End of Year Expectations



Home Learning Offer

The following activities are for children required to self-isolate;

Covid 19 remote learning offer Aut 2020