Preparing for Nursery

Parent, Child and Teacher Meeting

Once your child has been offered a place at Nursery, an appointment will be arranged for a meeting. This is a time for us to begin to learn about each other. We can meet your child on his/her own ground, if you prefer, and talk about the things that will be available to them at Nursery. We can discuss likes and dislikes, special talents and needs. Hopefully it will be a relaxed time for us to answer any queries you might have and so prepare for a happy transition from home to Nursery.

Open Day

Each year there is an open day, normally held in July.  This is an informal drop in session for you and your child.

What you can do to help at home

  • encourage independence in dressing and toileting
  • share books and talk about experiences and interests
  • help your child complete the scrapbook – ’All about me’ provided on the home visit
  • when you write with your child please could you use lower case letters, not capital letters. Capitals should only be used on the initial letter of names
  • When discussing letters and words, please use the letter sound as well as the letter name
  • enjoy stories together