Religious Education

Religious Education is taught following the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus (2012) but RE in our schools goes beyond the curriculum itself to inform and enrich many areas of learning.

Every aspect of school life influences the moral and spiritual development of the children. Collective Worship happens daily and is a fundamental part of the life of our school. Through the teaching and learning of RE, we develop the children’s ability to reflect upon and explore the beliefs, values and ways of life of the six main world religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism as well as other religions, faith traditions and world views including the Humanist view.

Our learning in RE is enquiry based and focuses on what we can learn about Religion and Beliefs and what we can learn from Religion and Beliefs.

We investigate how faith is reflected in the social practices and moral decisions of life. Children are encouraged to talk about their own experiences and feelings, and to respect those of others.

Subject Leaders 2021-2022

Watton Westfield -Nicola Vine
Watton Junior School – Kyle Beeson
Manor Field Infant & Nursery and Aslacton Primary – Sarah Holmes