The Board

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Founding Members

Our Founding Members have ultimate control over the direction of the sponsor multi-academy trust. One member of the trust is a member of the trustees (David Jessup).

The members agree how the charitable company will operate through the articles of association and they are responsible for any future changes to the articles. The founding members appoint the majority of the trustees and ensure that the board of trustees can deliver its responsibilities. The members meet once or twice a year.

The Trustees or Directors

Our trustees include one of the members (David Jessup) who is Chair. The trustees separately approve the Executive Head as a trustee each time a new person is appointed. They approve the scheme of delegation and have the skills and expertise to undertake the four following key functions:

  • Be focused on raising standards
  • Setting direction
  • Creating robust accountability
  • Ensuring best use of financial resources

The trustees meet every half-term or more frequently if necessary. They discuss and agree the standardisation of policy and curriculum across all schools. The non-negotiables for trustees will be that they will visit at least one school in the MAT once a term and that they will submit a report following their visit. It is also a non- negotiable that they maintain a meeting attendance record of 80%.

Local Governing Body

Each federation/school under the Multi-academy trust has a local governing body which focuses on teaching and learning and standards as far as possible. They also have an overview of staff development, parent communication and engagement. Members of the Local Governing body are allocated a class in order to forge links with the children, they have subject responsibilities and targets from the school improvement and development plan to monitor and help develop.