About Us

Welcome to Watton Junior School for pupils aged 7 to 11.

We work closely with the home to provide a variety of inspiring learning experiences in a caring environment that nurtures the child whatever their ability or circumstance. We encourage curiosity and creativity.

The learning environment that we provide encourages, motivates and inspires our young people. Our dedicated staff make sure that they nurture our pupils as individuals. All the staff work as a team to ensure that individual needs are met and each child achieves their personal best. Additional support is provided to those pupils that need it through intervention programmes, 1:1 support or Teacher Assistant support. Able, gifted and talented pupils are encouraged and suitably challenged through an extended curriculum and additional support provided by other professionals.

We encourage parents to come in to talk to us for whatever reason and operate an ‘open door’ policy. Our aim is to enable our pupils to achieve good academic standards within a broad and balanced curriculum in order to face the challenges of the modern world. Along with a culture of life-long learning we also encourage our pupils to be polite, thoughtful and have a caring attitude towards others.

The relationship between parents and the staff is important to us. It should be a partnership working together for the benefit of the child. We have a strong Board of Trustees and our PTA are extremely proactive in supporting us. We encourage parents to express an interest should they wish to join either of these. We participate in many of the town events and have close links with the churches. We are proud of our school. We hope this gives you a general feel of how the school operates and that you will take the opportunity to visit us.