Trust Lead

Mrs Lightbown

Executive Head Teacher

Mrs Kemp

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Mather

Trust SENDCo

Mrs Bainbridge

Safeguarding Team

Mrs Lightbown -Trust Lead

Mrs Kemp – Executive Head Teacher

Mrs Mather – Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Bainbridge – Trust SENDCo

Miss Jessica Raine – Class Teacher

Mrs Bone- Pupil Support Officer

Mrs Newby – Teaching Assistant

Hedgehogs – 2 & 3 Year Old Nursery

Nursery Lead – Mrs Haynes

Nursery Assistants – Mr Fleming & Mrs Wright

Monkeys – 3 & 4 Year Old Nursery

Teachers:  Mrs Vine (Monday to Wednesday) & Mrs Hughes (Thursday & Friday)

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Sagrott

Nursery Assistant: Mrs Ciesla

Pandas – Reception

Teacher: Mrs Mather

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cain

Koalas – Reception

Teacher: Miss Murty

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Rushby & Mrs P Paterson

Polar Bears – Reception

Teacher: Miss Raine (maternity leave). Mrs Stevenson (maternity cover Monday to Wednesday) & Miss S Williams (maternity cover Thursday & Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Paterson

Cheetahs – Year 1 & Year 2

Teacher:  Mr Humphrey

Teaching Assistant: Miss Chilvers

Meerkats – Year 1 & Year 2

Teacher: Mrs  Stuart (Monday to Wednesday)  & Mrs E Williams (Thursday & Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pease

Elephants – Year 1 & Year 2

Teacher: Miss Mitchell

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lowry

Giraffes – Year 1 & Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Woodcock

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Anscombe

Parrots – Year 1 & Year 2

Teacher: Miss Lucas

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Campbell

Penguins – Year 1 & Year 2

Teacher: Miss Wiltshire

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Newby

Honeybees – Inclusion Class

Intervention Lead: Mrs Johnson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Southward, Mrs Pawliczak and Mrs Tortice

Pupil Support Officer

Mrs Bone

English as an Additional Language & Speech and Language Support

Mrs Burnage

Breakfast & Afterschool Club

Mrs Southward, Mr Fleming and Mrs Wright

Office Staff

Mrs Raine – Trust Support Manager

Mrs King – School Secretary

Mrs Sparkes – Clerical Assistant

Site Manager

Mr Collier

Mid-day Supervisor and Cleaning Team 

Mrs S Tilford

Miss T Tilford

Mrs Denton

Mrs Bevilacqua

Mrs A Murty

Mrs Keliuotyte

Mrs Sitoci-Ahmet

Kitchen Staff Norse

Mrs Coote – Kitchen Manager

Mrs Wardzala

Mrs Robotham

Miss Clifford