Geography is introduced in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) through the area of learning ‘Understanding the World’. Children are introduced to looking closely at features of their own environments as well as comparing these to the wider world. Children partake in lots of outdoor experiences to gain a practical understanding of the world. Children are assessed in the EYFS against the Early Learning Goals and, at the end of Reception, are given a level of emerging, expected or exceeding in this area.

In Key stages 1 and 2 Geography is often taught in a cross curricular approach and will have strong links to the children’s learning in other subjects and be linked to our core stories. Children begin learning locational and place knowledge by looking at their local area and will also investigate and compare different areas and environments of the UK and the rest of the world.

Throughout Key stage 1 and 2 children will use a range of resources to aid their geographical enquiries including maps, photographs and ICT equipment. Fieldwork and observations will also take place outside of the classroom to further reinforce the learning and children are encouraged to ask geographical questions and use geographical vocabulary. Children are assessed against the criteria outlined in the national curriculum through ‘Can I’ statements in their books.

Subject Leaders 2021-2022

Watton Westfield – Rachel Mitchell
Watton Junior School – Clare Bakashaba
Manor Field Infant & Nursery and Aslacton Primary – Emma Watkins